Why I care about gay marriage

It could be my nephew who married his partner in the Netherlands, or my best friend who married her partner in California, my sister who is married to her partner, despite living in Arizona, or many of my other friends who are in committed relationships and want the same right to visit their spouse in the hospital, handle their estate, or anything else that I take for granted in my marriage.  And people I love are being discriminated against.

I am proud of my president for saying he supports gay marriage, and it is indeed an important and historic step.  I can’t help but compare the issue to interracial marriage.  It wasn’t that long ago that my own marriage would have been illegal in many states.  I love the saying “Love sees no color” and love doesn’t care about gender, or any other physical characteristics that divide people. Why can’t we focus on the love?

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Soccer Mom, Professor, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Activist

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