Terri E. Givens:  Professor, Athlete, Entrepreneur, Activist, Mother.

In between earning her bachelor’s degree in international relations from Stanford University and her doctoral degree in political science from the University of California at Los Angeles, Terri worked in the fields of community service and nonprofit administration.

In July 2015 Terri became the Provost at Menlo College.  As a scholar, she focuses on the global politics of immigration, and European politics. She joined The University of Texas at Austin as a government professor in 2003. Since then, she has served as the director of the Center for European Studies, the France-UT Institute, the Robert S. Strauss Center’s European Union Center for Excellence and the Texas Language Roadmap and as the co-director of the Longhorn Scholars Program. She also served as a vice provost, overseeing the university’s undergraduate curriculum and spearheading global initiatives as the chief international officer.

Community is at the heart of much of what Terri does. In addition to building a successful career as a scholar at The University of Texas at Austin, Terri was active in the Austin community where she has served as a member of the Board of Directors for The Trail Foundation, KLRU and the YWCA, an advisor for the International Hospitality Council of Austin, a volunteer and half-marathon coach for the Austin Fit Running Group and a member of the Austin Mayor’s Fitness Council. She is currently a director on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula.

Terri Givens is a lifelong athlete who believes fitness helps strengthen the foundation of families and communities.  Terri founded Take Back the Trail to empower women and encourage the development of healthy communities.

Family is an important aspect of Terri’s life and she is very proud of her two boys, Andrew and Brandon, who are very active in sports and love to read.  Along with her husband Mike, they enjoy spending time in the outdoors, visiting national parks, and foreign countries.

Terri is an avid amateur photographer and took the background images on her website.

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